Frequently asked questions

Below, we answer some the most frequently asked Questions on our platform

  • What is Neetshala?
    Neetshala is a dedicated platform for students to prepare for NEET. Our goal is to facilitate and provide best learning tools and methods for NEET aspirants.
  • Each student has different learning needs and at different stages in his or her preparation for NEET. So we provide tools which would help them to adopt to their own environment and excel in NEET exam. Such tools and methods are:

    • Weekly study plan
    • Weekly target test
    • Customized tests (each student gets different questions)
    • Chapterwise tests everyday
    • Subjectwise and chapterwise analytics
    • My Actions
    • Audio books (NCERT)
    • MCQ Question bank
    • Flashcards
    • Lists
    • Notes
    • Doubt discussion forum
    • Join exclusive Telegram disussion group

    One best way to use these tools is to enrol into one of the 4 Step Score Booster programs offered by NEETshala. 4 Step Score Booster is a guided learning for NEET aspirants. Click here to know more about 4 Step Score Booster.

  • As the name denotes, My Actions are action items for you. You have work on your actions like preparing in a particula chapter. These action items are created based on your performance in weekly tests and daily tests. If your peroformance is lower than your set target goal for NEET, one action will be created for you.

    To set your goal go to My Account -> Update Information. You can find 'Set Your Goal' field. Drag slider to set your goal. Click on 'Update' button to save.

  • Weekly study plan acts as a navigator to you. You may have tons of videos and online and offline maerial. But without a proper guide, just having material will not help you. Moreover it confuses you. So 'weekly study plan' guides you what to study and what to revise. This plan is prepared by our experts to optimize your learning path.

    Enrol into 4 Step Score Booster in order to learn in a systematic way.

  • Weekly target test evaluates your preparation level for that whole week. It gives chapterwise analysis to tell you where you are strong and where you are lagging behind. It helps you in further rerevision. For a highly competitive exam like NEET, knowing your strengths and weakness is a must.
  • Each student will get different questions in customized tests. The questions are determined by our unique algorithm based on your performance in weekly tests. Customized tests have more questions from your weak areas so the more you score in customized the test the better you are preparing.
  • NEETshala specially recorded NCERT books in audio and video format for you. By just clicking a button, you can jump from audio to video and vice versa at any point in the chapter. Video format has underlining of important points.

    You can also bookmark important points and make notes anywhere in the audio/video and access those notes quickly.

  • You can practice unlimited MCQs. We have a huge question bank with more 26000 questions covering NCERT syllabus.

  • Flashcards help you in memorizing formulas or important points. So we created a huge database with flashcards. There are more than 25000 flashcards in NEETshala.

    Different modes are available in flashcards like Two Sides/ Single Side / Answer First etc. You must register and login to access flashcards. From side menu, click on Question Bank -> Flashcards.

  • NEETshala has huge question bank for MCQs and Flashcards. So in order to help you organize questions, we instroduced Lists. You can create any number of lists and add questions to those lists. You can name a list like 'My difficult questions' or 'Imp topics' etc. To access the list, simply go to Question Bank -> Lists

    You can create new lists and add questions to a list while practicing MCQs or flashcards.

  • Our team is ready to help you with any kind of problem you face on our website. You can write to us at with the details of your issue. We will contact you immediately.
  • You can easily reset your password by going to login page and clicking on 'Forgot Your Password?' just below Login button. You will receive a link on your registered email to reset and create new password. For security reasons, this link will be valid only for one hour. If you do not reset within an hour, you have to generate new link again by clicking on 'Forgot Your Password?' button.
  • You can easily contact us by filling out our contact form here.