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Fast & Furious 'Custom' Test Series for NEET!

10 Mock tests | Actions | All India rank | Subjectwise analysis | Chapterwise analysis | Doubt clarifiction

*Cutom test after 5th mock test - each student gets different questions based on performance in 5 mock tests.

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Why NEETSHALA Test Series

All questions based on NCERT syllabus.

Questions set by experienced faculty members.

All India Rank.

Subjectwise and chapterwise performance analysis.

Performance analysis graphs.

Know where toppers are scoring more to improve your own score.

Doubt discussions and clarifications.

Unlimited MCQ practice.

Daily one chapterwise test.

WhatsApp and Telegram support.

action points
Action points


  • Set your own NEET goal in profile page.
  • If your score is less than your goal in any chapter in a test, 'Action' will be created for you.
  • Actions help you keep track of your learning.
  • Update your 'Actions' as you learn and master a chapter.
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Graphical Analytics

Detailed Performance Analysis with Graphs

  • All test results have charts to easily identify your strong and weak areas.
  • See chapterwise and subjectwise progress over a period of time.
  • Easily identify which chapters you are lagging behind and need improvement.

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