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4 Step Score Booster 2024

4 Step Score Booster Long Term - 2024

Weekly plans/tests + Notes + Question bank + Audio chapters + Custmomized tests + Mock tests + Much more

Set your own dates for study weeks and tests - completely self-paced to suit your timings.

*Just Rs. 1999 for two years.

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54 Weekly target Plans

  • Weekly target based on Class 11 and 12
  • Test to verify your weekly preparation
  • Ranks to know where you are
  • Chapter and subject-wise analysis

We address your core issues

  • Organized preparation
  • Stay motivated
  • Networking with other students
  • Discussions and clarifications

Notes & Actions

  • Notes for all chapters
  • Download in PDF and prepare at convenience
  • Set your NEET goal in profile page
  • Actions generated based on your goal to improve weak areas

Test series

  • Customized test every 4th week (Different questions for each student)
  • 4 mock tests in class 11
  • 10 mock tests in class 12
  • Daily 2 chapterwise tests
  • Performance analysis with graphs

Question Bank

  • 26,000 questions
  • Pracitce modes: MCQ and Flashcards
  • Advanced Flashcards: single/double side and answer first/question first
  • Create your own unlimited lists and bookmarks
  • Add your own notes to each question

Audio Chapters

  • Listen to NCERT chapters
  • swith from audio to video with undeline reading
  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Add notes

How 4 Step Score Booster Works

Our aim is to improve your weak areas in step by step process, which includes 4 easy steps. Refer the image for the steps.


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Weekly Target Plan

Weekly target plan guides you to prepare for NEET in a structured manner.

Chapterwise plan

No more confusion what to study today. Follow our chapterwise plan every day to prepare in a structured manner.

Weekly test

Complete target plan and take test at the end of the week. Know where you prepared well and where you need improvement. Check your all India level rank for that week.

Chapter revisions

Follow revision of chapters to retain your learnings. Each week will have dedicated days for revision.

Doubt Clarifacation and Peer Discussions

Doubt clarification
Have a doubt?

Post your doubts and get them clarified by faculty. You can also resolve other students' doubts. The more you share, the more you gain.

Need tips and advice?

Ask whatever you want on the discussions like preparation tips, exam pattern, time management etc. You get best responses from your fellow students and faculty.

Live doubt clarification

Our expert faculty members will resolve your doubts. What's more? They come on live to discuss and resolve your problems and questions.

Test Series

20 mock tests

5 mock tests in Class 11 - 5 mock tests in Class 12 - 10 mock tests (11+12). All tests are designed as per NCERT syllabus. Chapter and subjectwise performance report and all India rank.

2 chapterwise tests every day

Freely choose a chapter and take speed test to check your preparation level every day. *This is in addition to weekly tests, customized tests and mock tests.

action points
Action points


  • Set your own NEET goal in profile page.
  • If your score is less than your goal in any chapter in a test, 'Action' will be created for you.
  • Actions help you keep track of your learning.
  • Update your 'Actions' as you learn and master a chapter.
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Graphical Analytics

Detailed Performance Analysis with Graphs

  • All test results have charts to easily identify your strong and weak areas.
  • See chapterwise and subjectwise progress over a period of time.
  • Easily identify which chapters you are lagging behind and need improvement.

Still More Reasons To Choose Neetshala

We are not just another online coaching. We provide students what they need the most.

No more procastination

Our daywise weekly plan guides you what to prepare every day. So you have no confusion and no execuses to postpone your studies.

More self-confidence

Are you suffering from lack of confidence? No worries! Our daily motivating and encouraging messages gives you boost. Our study tips guides to study more and more.

Time management

Our targeted study plan provides perfect time management. All you need to do is just follow with dedication.

More reasons
NEET buddies

Through discussions, connect with other NEET aspirants. Exchange ideas and tips.


Some studetns crack NEET in first attempt, while some not even after 3 attempts. What difference them is systematic approach for NEET. We provie that systematic and organized approach for you.

Wholesome preparation

NEET preparation is not just about unit and mock tests. So we provide wholesome experience for you with study plan, target quizzes, boosting messages, live doubt-clarifications, encouraging tips, peer interactions etc.

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