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How many biosphere reserves are present in India?

As of the latest update, India has 18 biosphere reserves. These reserves aim to promote the conservation of biodiversity, research, and sustainable development.

In which region of South America maximum species of birds can be found?

Colombia is known to have the highest number of bird species in the world, making it the region in South America with the maximum species of birds.

Which group is meant for Endemic species of birds?

The group meant for Endemic species of birds includes Niligiri pipit, Rofous babbler, and Lesser-Florican.
How many Indian plant species are used to extract essential oils and scents?

No explanation available.

Which can be used for cryopreservation at 196 °C temperature?

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is commonly used for cryopreservation at -196 °C. It is effective in preserving biological samples, such as cells, tissues, and other biological materials, by freezing them at extremely low temperatures to prevent degradation.

How many protected areas are present in India?

India has a total of 581 protected areas, which include national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation reserves, and community reserves. These protected areas are crucial for the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity in the country.
What can be done by the number of species in habitat?

The number of species in a habitat is a measure of species diversity. Species diversity refers to the variety and abundance of different types of organisms present in an ecosystem. It is an important aspect of biodiversity and helps in understanding the health and stability of an ecosystem.
Which one is maintained in botanical garden of Waghai in Gujarat?

The botanical garden of Waghai in Gujarat is known for maintaining medicinal plants. Botanical gardens often focus on the conservation of plant species that have medicinal properties and are of significant importance to human health and traditional medicine.
Where the knowledge of biodiversity is applicable?

Knowledge of biodiversity is applicable in studying, classifying animals and plants, understanding ecosystems, and examining biological regions. Biodiversity encompasses the variety of all life forms on Earth and their interactions, which are crucial for ecological studies and conservation efforts.
How many botanical gardens are registered in IABG?

No explanation available.
Species diversity is responsible for which phenomena?

Species diversity is crucial for the stability and normal functioning of ecosystems. Higher species diversity leads to greater ecosystem resilience, productivity, and ability to recover from disturbances. This is because a diverse set of species can exploit resources more efficiently and provide a broader range of ecosystem services.
Which statement is correct for buffer zone of biosphere reserve?

No explanation available.
What is Ecosystem diversity?

Ecosystem diversity refers to the variety of ecosystems in a given place. This includes the different species, genes, and ecological processes that occur within each ecosystem. Therefore, 'Variation in species diversity in Ecosystem' is the correct option.
How can the biodiversity can be conserved?

Biodiversity can be conserved through various means including the maintenance of different species, genes of different species, and different ecosystems. Hence, 'All of the given' is the correct option.
How many mangroves species are founds in marine bio diversity of India?

No explanation available.