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What is called the biodiversity of habitat? (JIPMER-2007)

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Which is the modern concept of conservation?

The modern concept of conservation focuses on the establishment of biosphere reserves. Biosphere reserves aim to maintain biodiversity, promote research, and support sustainable development. They serve as 'living laboratories' for testing and demonstrating integrated management of land, water, and biodiversity.
Match the following. Column – 1 (p) Tulsi (q) Akdo (r) Asopalav (s) Khejdo Column – 2 (1) Calotropis procera (2) Prosopis cineria (3) Polyalthia longifolia (4) Osimum saltum

Matching the scientific names with their common names: Tulsi is Osimum sanctum (p-4), Akdo is Calotropis procera (q-1), Asopalav is Polyalthia longifolia (r-3), and Khejdo is Prosopis cineria (s-2). Therefore, the correct matching is (q-1), (s-2), (r-3), (p-4).

Match the following.

Column –

1 (p) Biosphere reserve

(q) Hot-spot

(r) Biodiversity of Gujarat

(s) Greatest biodiversity

Column – 2

(1) Eastern Himalayan

(2) Amazon

(3) Great Nicobar

(4) Marine National Park

Matching the terms with their corresponding examples: Biodiversity hot-spot is Eastern Himalaya (q-1), Greatest biodiversity is Amazon (s-2), Biosphere reserve is Great Nicobar (p-3), and Biodiversity of Gujarat is Marine National Park (r-4). Therefore, the correct matching is (q-1), (s-2), (p-3), (r-4).
Match the following. Column – 1 (p) Endemic species (i) (q) Alien species (ii) (r) Habitat loss (iii) (s) over exploitation (iv) Column – 2 (1) Sping Tailed Lizard (2) Nilgiri pipit (3) African cat fish (4) Lion tailed Macaque

No explanation available.
Statement A :- Wile ass sanctuary is a unique habitat of Indian Wild ass Reason R :- It is the remnant gene pool in the world

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Which the following is the word regarding steroids is not correct?

Steroids are a class of organic compounds that include hormones and other substances. Cortisone, Progesterone, and Ergosterol are all steroids. However, Glycolipids are not steroids; they are compounds made of carbohydrates and lipids. Therefore, the statement that Glycolipid is a steroid is incorrect.
Which of the following statement regarding to properties of starch is not correct?

Starch is a polysaccharide made up of amylose and amylopectin chains, and it is the stored form of energy in plants. Starch is generally not soluble in cold water, which makes the statement that it is soluble in water incorrect. Therefore, option o3 is the correct choice as it is not a true property of starch.
Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Cortisone is actually a steroid hormone, not a sterol. Sterols are a subgroup of steroids and include substances such as cholesterol. Therefore, the pair 'Cortisone – sterols' is not correctly matched.
Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

No explanation available.
Lipids are relatively insoluble in….

Lipids are hydrophobic molecules and are relatively insoluble in water due to their nonpolar nature. They are, however, soluble in organic solvents such as chloroform, benzene, and ether. Therefore, lipids are relatively insoluble in water.
Which of the following statement regarding the Fatty acid is not correct?

Saturated fatty acids are not capable of accepting hydrogen or halogen atoms because they do not have double bonds. They are fully 'saturated' with hydrogen atoms, meaning all carbon atoms are single-bonded to hydrogen atoms. Hence, they cannot accept more hydrogen or halogen atoms.
Which of the following statement regarding to Lipid is not correct?

Lipids are formed of carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and oxygen (O) atoms, but the number of hydrogen atoms is usually much greater than the number of oxygen atoms. This statement is incorrect: 'The number of H atom is less than that of O.'
In the formation of triglyceride, glycerol get linked with any Fatty acids by…

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Which of the following the correct option for statement P and statement Q P : In animal the food is stored as glycogen Q : Amylase and amylopectin are occuring in the constitution of glycogen.

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