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  • How is NEET 2024 question paper?

    Asked by SAMEE SAMEE 2 weeks ago 1 response
    How is NEET 2024 question paper? Is it easy or hard? Let us know your experience of the exam.

  • Biology

    Asked by SMRITI KUMARI 4 months ago 1 response
    Diversity in living world

  • Mcq practice

    Asked by SUMAIYYA SHEHROZ 7 months ago 2 responses
    How to practice questions of the chapter you want. I've saved kinematics chapter before but now I wa...Click for more

  • Equilibrium

    Asked by ANJANA T.S 7 months ago 1 response
    The rapid change of pH near the stoichio- metric point of an acid-base titration is the basis of ind...Click for more

  • Hypothalamus

    Asked by SIDRAH SARWATH 10 months ago 2 responses

  • Taxonomy

    Asked by SUBHRANSHU SEKHAR NAYAK 11 months ago 2 responses
    What is taxonomy ?

  • Pollen pistil

    Asked by ANAND SOMANI 1 year ago 1 response
    Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

  • Columbos law

    Asked by AAYUSHI KUMARI 1 year ago 1 response
    Two point charges A & B , having charges +Q & - Q respectively are placed at certain distance apart...Click for more

  • Form

    Asked by TITU MAMA 1 year ago 1 response
    What for i can fill after 12 science biology

  • Buffer solution

    Asked by AMANDEEP DUBEY 1 year ago 0 responses
    I want four options answer

  • Doubt

    Asked by RITU DEY 1 year ago 0 responses
    Statement questions

  • Practice

    Asked by ABHAY PRAJAPATI 1 year ago 0 responses