NEET Important Concepts: How To Remember Them?

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You read some important concepts today and after a few days when you try to remember them, you just cannot remember them. You have to go through your books or resources again. Every NEET student experiences this situation while trying to remember NEET important concepts.

Don’t worry! As always, NEETshala is here to guide you, the future doctor. We created a tool called Concepts. Just go to NEETshala app on Android phone or website and select ‘Concepts’ from the menu. Select subjects and chapters. We are adding daily 2 new chapters for your preparation.

How to remember for a longer time?

While reading concepts or any topic, we need to identify keywords and revise them. It takes some conscious effort initially to identify the keywords. But, we decided to make this easy for you. For each concept, we display keywords. After every 10 concepts, you can rewind all the keywords from the those 10 concepts. This will increase your memory for these concepts. You can replay the keyword recap again and again.

One good thing is you can decide when you should have the rewind. After 10 concepts or 20 concepts or 30 concepts. You can set this value under settings. Another option is to switch off keyword display completely. If you want to quickly revise the concepts within minutes, you can switch off keywords and concentrate on the concepts only.

settings page

Bookmarks and Notes

You can easily bookmark important concepts or make your own notes. You can easily see those notes whenever you visit the concept again. If you want to see only bookmarked concepts, you can easily do so just by flagging ‘Display only bookmarked Concepts”.

Progress Bar and Session Target

Set a session target in the settings. For example, every time you login, you want to read 20 concepts. Set Session Target as 20 concepts. As you keep on reading targets, the progress bar at the bottom of the screen will show your progress. It keeps changing its color gradually from red to green as you inch towards your goal.

progress bar


We work hard to improve our student’s learning experience. The more feedback you give us, the better we can make your learning. So please spend a few minutes to tell us how is Concepts. Click on Feedback button on the top and give rating. One star is very bad and five star is very good. Also tell us in comments why you feel it is good or bad and where we need to improve. We will take your feedback very seriously to make NEETshala a better place for you.


NEETshala team hopes you will make use of Concepts and fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor. We are working hard to bring you NEET important concepts every day. Ready to rock and learn? Click here to go to concepts. Of course, you need to log in first.

Happy learning!

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