NEET Preparation Guide: 4 Step Score Booster For NEET 2021

NEET 2021 is just around 6 months away if we consider NEET exam will conducted in May 2021. So it is better to start your NEET preparation now itself instead of rushing at the last moment.

Competitive exams like NEET requires long time planning and strategy so you need to prepare for NEET in a systematic way to score more and get the best possible rank.

Here comes NEETshala to your rescue. NEETshala has introduced 4-Step Score Booster for 2021. This strategies and plans given under 4-Step Score Booster heavily helped students who appeared for NEET 2020.

Students love NEETshala

What is 4-Step Score Booster?

4-Step Score Booster is a preparation and planning strategy uniquely developed by NEETshala. As the name implies, this learning program has 4 steps. Let us examine these four steps and how they will help you in improving your overall preparation and score.

1. Weekly plans

We divided chapters into sections based on their hardness and weightage in NEET. We arranged these sections into weeks and we call them weekly plans. As a student, all you need to do it is stick to these weekly plans and complete the syllabus within the time frame.

The weekly plans are arranged in a way that you complete class 11 chapters first, then you will go for class 12. This arrangement make sure that there is no conflict with your classes in college. What’s more! You can set start date for each week to suit your timings. For example, if you are not able to complete the syllabus from week 2 for any reason, you can move week 3 syllabus up to another week so that you can spend next week also for week 2 syllabus.

Preparation tools for weekly plans

NEETshala provides many tools for you to complete the syllabus in time.

  • Notes : These are the notes handmade by top NEET rankers. You can download in PDF format and prepare anytime anywhere.
  • Question Bank: Practice MCQs by selecting particular subjects and chapters. There is no limit to your practice.
  • Audio Chapters: Listen to NCERT audio chapters while you are traveling or doing any non-essential work. This relaxing activity improves your ability to retain the concepts from the text books. You can also switch to video mode to follow the text and underlined concepts. What’s more! Bookmark concepts and important topics so that you can return to them easily for revision.
  • Daily 2 chapterwise tests: You can take daily 2 tests to know your preparation level.
  • Discussion: Do you have a question? Ask it and get it clarified from NEETshala faculty and other students. It is an excellent way to share and improve your knowledge.

2. Weekly Target Test

Take weekly test based on that week’s syllabus. Target test helps you in finding your weak and strong areas. Our system creates some action points for you based on your performance in the target test. You can access you ‘Actions’ by going to ‘My Actions’ from menu.

You can also check your performance by chaperwise and subjectwise in graphs. It gives easy overview of your performance.

3. Customized Tests

After every 4th week, you will attempt a customized test. Customized test means the questions will come from the areas you scored less in your weekly target tests. These tests offer you the second opportunity to improve your score in your weak areas.

4. Mock Tests

After completion of weekly plans, you will attempt mock tests to simulate real NEET exam. The more mock tests you do the better you will prepare for the final exam. You will come to know how to manage your time during the exam and how to answer easy and hard questions strategically. Mock tests are final but very important step in NEET preparation.


Are you ready to enroll into this wonderful program and boost your NEET preparation and score more in a strategic way? If ready, subscribe now to 4 Step Score Booster – Long Term here or to 4 Step Score Booster – Short Term here.

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