NEET Preparation – How To Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keep track of NEET preparation
Keep track of NEET preparation

You know that NEET is one of the toughest exams. So NEET preparation demands smart work rather than hard work. You may study hours and hours but if you do not keep track of your progress you will lose all the knowledge and it will result in poor marks in NEET exam.

We asked many students how they keep track of their progress. Most of them has no clue about that. Most alarming thing is some does not know why they should keep track. They just believe in studying on and on.

However, some students responded saying that they use Excel or notebook to keep track of their preparation, which is very inefficient method as it will take more time and effort to update and follow.

Importance of progress tracker in NEET preparation

  • You will know which chapters you are lagging behind in
  • Which chapters have more weightage and your preparation level in those chapters
  • Whether your score is improving day by day or decreasing
  • Which chapters you are forgetting after mastering them.

What is the solution?

The team at NEETSHALA discussed with many students to understand their pain points in keeping track of the progress. After much evaluation and tests, we added an unique feature called ‘Actions’.

What is ‘Action’?

Each ‘Action’ represents a chapter where you need to take some action. ‘Action’ contains the complete history of your progress for that chapter like how much you scored in each test and when you mastered that chapter etc.

Sample actions
Sample ‘Actions’

How ‘Actions’ work?

Following simple steps explain how actions work and how they help you in NEET preparation.

  1. Go to your profile page and set your goal in NEET exam. For example: 90%.
  2. Take weekly target test or mock test. If you score less than your goal (less than 90% in our example) in a particular, system will create an action for you. Note: This chapter should have good weightage in NEET exam.
  3. The default status of the ‘Action’ will be ‘New’. Once you start preparing it, set the status to ‘Preparing’
  4. When you complete preparation of the chapter and feel confident, set the status to “Mastered”.
  5. When you attempt next weekly target test or mock test, system again checks your progress on that chapter. If you again scored less than your goal, that ‘Action’ will be ‘reopened’.
  6. If the action is reopened, you need to study and revise that chapter again.
  7. This cycle continues until you master all the chapters and score more than your set goal.

You can check your actions at


We always try to bring value in your NEET preparation. Hope this unique feature of ‘Actions’ help you in tracking your preparation and progress. If you have any suggestions to improve this feature, go to contact page and write to us. We are always ready to listen to you and improve your NEET preparation.

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