NEET Preparation Tips: 3 Easy Steps to Tackle Difficult Chapters

NEET Preparation tips
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Difficult chapters are the ones where you lose most of your marks in NEET exam. Students have a tendency to postpone learning the difficult chapters because they don’t like and enjoy those chapters. But remember even if you master one difficult chapter, you will gain an edge over other students. Just imagine how much improvement you can see in your rank if you master most of the difficult chapters. So, without delay let’s explore these NEET preparation tips.

Step 1: Identify

Your tests will tell you where you are lagging. So make a list of difficult chapters in each subject based on the marks you received in the recent previous tests. Or you can use online tools like NEETshala (Go to My Actions from main menu) to identify your weak chapters. The fact that you are reading this mail itself is a first step towards mastering difficult chapters.

Step 2: Divide into subtopics

The fact is the whole chapter will not be difficult to you. You must be struggling with only a few subtopics. Identify those subtopics and make a list. Believe us, even though the list may look big but looks less intimidating as you now identified where exactly you need to prepare.

Step 3: One topic a week

Take each subtopic a week. If you are comfortable, you can divide into lesser time periods like 2 days a topic or 3 days a topic etc. The key here is your comfort level and your commitment. Now set aside daily one hour for this topic only. Use question banks, videos and whatever tools available to you.

At the end of every week, strike off the subtopic from the list. That’s all, slowly you will see the list of your difficult topics getting reduced to a very small list. Hope these NEET preparation tips will help you a lot.

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