NEET Preparation Tips – How Our Students Are Scoring More Through 4-Step Score Booster

Improve score in NEET
4-Step Score Booster for NEET

Score more! Score more! Score more!

This is our single object at NEETshala. When we design any program or add any new feature, we ask ourselves, “Is this going to help our students to score more?” In order to make sure that we achieve our objective, we constantly measure and analyse our students’ performance in various weekly tests, custom tests, mock tests, chapterwise tests etc. At the end, what you find out is an ultimate NEET preparation tip that boosts your score dramatically.

NEETshala students love 4-Step Score Booster. It is evident from the comments on our app in play store and social networks like Telegram, Instagram, FB etc. Many commented how 4-Step Score Booster helped them in improving their weak areas and how they are score more in mock tests.

User feedback on 4-Step Score Booster
User feedback on 4-Step Score Booster

However, we wanted to quantify the improvement in our students’ performance. So we decided to pull the data from the system and do the analysis for the 4-Step Score Booster program, which started on May 24, 2020 (For your info, new program 4-Step Score Booster – Dhoom 2020 is going to start from Jul 19, 2020).

How we analyzed

We are really excited to see the result of our 7-weeks program. We pulled the data of the users who took first customized test which went live from Jun 17. If you do not know what is customized test, it is a customized test where questions come based on your weak areas in previous weekly tests. Each student gets different questions as each student will have different weak spots.

Now we segregated the custom test results for each chapter and derived averages. In the next step we pulled the data from weekly tests and segregated that too chapterwise and derived averages. Now we compared the averages for each chapters in custom test and weekly tests. As we expected, the average in custom test is more. It means the program is effective and it is helping the students in scoring more.

How much they are scoring more? We saw some students scoring maximum 80% more and some only 10%. When we calculated average for all students it stood at 27% improvement.

What does it mean?

The 27% improvement is in our students’ weak spots. Because 4-Step Score Booster is designed to focus on your weak chapters so that your score improves dramatically in the final exam. Following scenario explains it best.

  1. Student A’s goal is to score 95% in NEET exam. When he takes weekly tests, he scores less than 95% in 5 chapters and less than 85% in another 5 chapters. overall, these 10 chapters are A’s weak spots. If A practice more in his strong areas, the improvement might be another 1 or 2 % as he or she is already scoring 95% in those chapters. So, what A needs to do is concentrate on weak spots.
  2. For the next couple of weeks, student A concentrates on weak chapters via MCQ practice, NEETshala notes and videos, daily chapterwise tests etc.
  3. A takes custom test. Questions come from his weak chapters as per the weightage in NEET. When A compares his chapterwise score in weekly test and custom test, there will be clear improvement.

We are happy to see that 4-Step Score Booster is helping our students so phenomenally. However, we are determined to improve it further based on your comments and feedback. You can write to us on our social media accounts or here via contact form.

Please note our new program 4-Step Score Booster – Dhoom 2020 is going to start from Jul 19. Request you to enroll and support us in our endeavor to create the best platform for NEET. We promise we keep our word to improve your score 🙂

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