NEET Success Story

A Kisan Ki Beti’s Flight to AIIMS Delhi

“Once you start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the Happiest”


The best example for the above statement can be demonstrated by the story of Charul Honaria. The 18-year-old girl, Charul Honaria had set a best example for the country by securing an All-India Rank- 681 and Category Rank-10 in NEET(UG), which is considered as one of the toughest competitive exams of the India.

By beating all the major challenges which someone could have in their life like Poverty, Lack of Guidance, Lack of Facilities, Language Barrier etc.…, from studying in a primary school in her undeveloped village Kiratpur in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor District to being the first person form her village to study (Medicine) from the premier institute of th county the Farmer’s daughter had come a long way.

About Charul:

Charul belongs from a small village where there are no good facilities for children to get a higher standard education. A environment where education is considered a casual need and not even prioritized.  So, Charul understood the casualities of education in her village at a very young age and as her parents cannot afford fees for her higher education. So, she planned to complete her secondary schooling from Vidya Gyan and got her admission in the school for free of cost by securing 100% scholarship at VI standard. The Vidya Gyan an Initiative in Bulandeshwar district of Uttar Pradesh provides high standard education from VI to XII for free for the merit students whose family annual income is less than 1 lakh per annum. And she refers this move in her life as a life changing move.

NEET UG Experience

Once the dream took shape, Charul was determined and worked hard through her years. She was thoroughly supported by her teachers in her endeavors’ and she cracked the class 12 board exams with 93 percent but failed to make it through NEET. Accepting the need for coaching, She was guided to Dakshina Coaching- which provides scholarships. Later she took coaching from Dakshina Coaching Institute in Pune by attaining 100% percent scholarship through its entrance examination. And finally gave her successful second attempt in NEET 2020.

Charul’s Background:

Charul’s Father Shoukeen Singh is a hard-working farmer and manages to get 1lakh per annum rupees to feed 7 members in the family. Shoukeen Singh had completed his Graduation but couldn’t continue his education because he lacked support, guidance and facilities. Which he thought he could have deserved. But his dream was to facilitate better education for his children than what he received. However, despite all these difficulties, Charul’s father was always devoted to his daughter’s education and did not allow any restrictions on his children dreams.

Charul’s Motivation:

Charul considered herself lucky, as her father understood the importance of having proper education. Apart from that, she is acutely aware of poor health infrastructure in her village and her interest to serve for her village and provide good healthcare for her society always motivated her in pursuing MBBS. More than anything, Charul was always confined to give her umpteen devotion, commitment and hard-work, in the way that someone could ever give in their life. Which is why we can see her attaining her goal beyond all the challenges she had in her life.

Charul’s Strength:

“Most importantly it was my father who told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be and he supported me in my dreams throughout” – Charul Honariya.

The topper said that she is thankful to her parents to always have faith and belief in her. And credits her family for the success.

Fighting the Final Hurdle

She was confident of cracking NEET in the second attempt. Sure, of finding a place in her states Government Medical College. Charul wanted to get admission in AIIMS, New Delhi- the top medical College in the country. And it all seemed possible till the pandemic struck. Charul faced many difficulties during the lockdown. Main of which is that she could not receive the environment which she was able get in her hostel. But her family was ready to adjust and provide all the requirements beyond their abilities. In fact there was a very poor internet connection in her village something which she told her father about. So, her father bought her a latest smart phone though they were lacking financial resource. And she used to sit on top of the terrace to attend classes for better signals for the whole day. But still Charul did not let any of this disturb her vision. And counselled herself whenever she felt low.

Armed by the confidence of her own abilities, Charul tried again this year and cracked the examination with flying colors.

Who is Charul and What do you get to learn from Her:

Charul was normal student like everyone in her village but her vision to recreate her world and how she could impact this change in her society made her reach this destination today. And this is what made Charul being different from the people in her society.

When it is common to see all her fellow teenagers who could not concentrate on their abilities properly. Charul had that bull eye and always worked beyond her capabilities since her childhood to create her frame. It was this zeal to learn that helped her get admitted in Vidya Gyan in sixth standard. But that was just beginning.

Charul’s Message to the Aspirants:

Speaking of her success she says,

“I never let any negative thoughts come in. I was always positive that I would crack it and this has been my biggest success mantra”.

It is okay for someone to have excuses. After all, they are the reason (difficulties) for failing. But when ever we find a excuses we need to work completely to eradicate it. And that is how someone should do justice to it. And be ready to do something beyond for it. If required.


Talking about her school days Charul said, “I got a lot of help during my education in Vidya Gyan. If I did not study here. I would have completed my schooling in the village and I would have got expenses for the graduation. After completing this. I would be doing a small job somewhere. But because of the exposure I got in school, I realized that I can become a lot. “

By this she portrayed that, just because of this move that she took in her life in a young age. Which completely changed her faith. She also intended to say in a interview, that if you have a vision in your life and you lack something or think everything which is required for you to achieve it. Just keep working for it no matter what may happen to you. The support approaches you and the route will find you some or the other way with time. But always keep hustling with your confidence, abilities. But keep giving your best and leave about the rest. (Apart from this don’t compare your self equally with others. Cause they don’t walk in the same route which you walk through).

This reminds me of a great saying,

“Winners are the not the one who find out that 1% reason not to work. Beyond those 99% possible reasons. But winners are the one who find that 1% reason to work for their goal. Beyond the 99% impossible reasons”.

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