Tips to Revise NCERT efficiently By NEETshala.

How to revise NCERT efficiently?

Everyone says NCERT is a Bible For NEET.But how to read NCERT in an efficient way is still a question mark so here are some tips From NEETshala experts

1.Read a topic or paragraph quickly.Analyse the key points,exanples,exceptions etc .highlight them. Re read those points again till they get into your Mind. If still not confident note it down in a book for rerevision

2.Make flowcharts and Mindmaps on NCERT itself smile reading. Making a flowchart looks tedious but learning from self made flowcharts are much easier for revision
3.Diagrams and tables in ncert are ultra important. Analyse the diagrams rather than mugging up. Relate the labelling with their characteristic mentioned in the ncert
4.The main problems faced by students in Neet is careless mistake .this could be overcome by the following step.
1.While learning first solve questions based on the topic. If u can solve all you are strong in that if not u have to reafd it again
2.while attempting questions go by elimination method. This will help you to go through all options. 3.NOT GOING BEYOND OPTION 1 is a serious crime. You have to read all options for now losing unnecessary negatives
4.Make a practice of doing 200biology mcqs per day.

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By following These four tips you can score 350+ in Neet biology

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