Will NEET2020 Tougher than previous years? Analysis of NTA Testing abhyas Mocktest

NTA Abhyas Mock Test Analysis

NTA has recently launched the “National Testing abhyas ” app to help students all over the country to prepare for various national level competitive exams like NEET JEE main and NET exams.this app provides free sample papers with analysis prepared by NTA
The faculties at neetshala has analysed the papers which are avialble in the application and came to the following conclusions
1.NEET 2020 will be tougher than previous years with more emphasis on application and concepts rather than mugging up formulaes and facts
2.This time the exam is also supposed to have more number of questions which are beyond NCERT as clear from the sample papers
3.The prime material is of course NCERT as nearly 80%of questions are directly based on it
4.since the question papers are preapred by the same board the sample papers would give an insight of the real paper
5.students should give more focus to conceptual questions and application level questions in physics chemistry and biology
6.though biology questions are not completely asked from ncert they are based on certain topics from NCERT alone.
We are Adding some questions from NTA Mock Test which are beyond NCERT.

Even A students asked about this in Review section at playstore why NTA MockTest questions are from Out of NCERT.. see what they replied…

Snapshot Taken from NTA ABHYAS app review section from Google playstore.

To help the students help to tackle this problem team .NEETSHALA has decided to launch another special notes series called “CONCEPT BOOSTER SERIES ” additionally with NEETshala 4step Score booster Revision series .

These Notes will be available at Neetshala app. You didn’t have Neetshala app download now by given link


Visit NEETSHALA app or website for More information.
This series covers all the topics from which NTA has set questions in sample papers. Along with the notes we will also include replica questions to boost your confidence in the topic .

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  1. Hello in those questions said above only chloride shift and ranthambore national Park are only out of ncert other than that are there any

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