NEET Aspirant have These Qualities to become A Good Doctor -By Abhishek Garg(MBBS STUDENT,MAMC DELHI)


Suppose mass casualties after a big accident between two buses, come to the ER/casualty and you are one of the doctor on duty.

There are people all over, a dozen of screams and the attendants shouting all over the place and pressuring the doctor to treat their loved ones earlier than everyone else.

On the other hand, there are a few who don’t even have their attendants at the moment and are not even screaming for help .

Two situations are possible –

First, The doctor does not come under the pressure of the attendants and does his duty, as taught.

The patient who seems to be not responding, is on the Top of the Priority list of the concerned doctor since sufficient injury has lead to a state of body in which it is not even responding (Loss of consciousness). Because his ‘Golden Hour’ may not be even an hour.

Result: After trying a lot, the doctor is able to diagnose and treat both the patients under his duty.

Second, The doctor comes under the pressure and treats that patient first which is at a lower position on his priority list.

Result: He successfully treated the screaming patient but the second patient was already dead even before the doctor got back to him because he wasn’t treated in his golden hour.

So what does a ‘Good’ Doctor or infact any trained doctor, supposed to do among the given situations?Obviously the former!

Prioritizing is one of the most important trait, which a responsible person should possess.

The above mentioned scenario is just a simple hypothetical example of how a doctor as a part of ‘TRIAGE’ works. You will learn more about this when you come here. No wonder this ‘prioritizing’ thing applies to nearly all kinds of situation in every field.

In Analogy to this,The main goals of almost every NEET (UG) aspirant are

—Getting an MBBS seat

-Becoming a Good Doctor

Since you are still a NEET aspirant, your main focus should lean towards the first point i.e at least getting into the process of becoming a doctor, by getting a seat in a medical college.

This should be your Priority #1, nothing else.

So, stop caring much about ‘How to be a good doctor? ’ even before getting into MBBS and focus more on the long frustrating calculation in between which you just picked up your phone and opened Quora 😛 (Tell me If I caught you off-guard xD)

Once inside the field, you’ll have all the time in the world you need (around 5+ years in MBBS alone and of course your whole life ahead which is waiting for you as a Doctor) to gain knowledge, with which you can add the prefix ‘Good’ to your designation ‘Doctor’ for your own satisfaction.

You’ll surely become a Good Doctor if you’re willing to!

Just to remind you some important topics you shouldn’t leave xD

All the best everyone! I hope your preparations are sailing well!Once again, ‘Prioritize!’

About the writer– Abhishek Garg is A MBBS Student at MAMC DELHI.

He secured Ranks Given below-


AIIMS UG 2018 AIR 212

NEET UG 2018 AIR 760

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