Tips and techniques to amplify Physics Scores

Interlink chapters

You must have noticed that there are some chapters which are connected in a way or other to each other.

While doing Electrostatic, try memorising Gravitation.

firstly, it will be helpful in revising and secondly it would be in long term memory.

Clear the basics

You need not to go for PHD in a certain topic, you have to clear a 11th & 12th based exam.

 So, go for the quantity rather than quality .

Try as much questions as possible but being on your level.

Connect with it

 physics is a very lovely subject. 

You can easily connect it to your daily things.

you need to assume it.

whenever you are getting confusion about any topic try to go live with the problem. It would give a clear picture about what’s happening and will have a lasting effect on you.

Retaining formulas is the Key formula

If you have ascertained “All the Formula” of both classes, you can solve 70 percent of your physics questions in NEET by simply applying them.

There would definitely be some twist because you are not a 5th standards kid whom MASS and ACCELERATION will be given & you just have to go for ‘F is equal to M.A’ to get the answer.

language will be a little uncertain, but if you decode it with patience you’ll realise which formula is to be applied.

So, What are you waiting for, go and grasp as early as possible.

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