NEET 2021 Exam Date is 12 September – How to Fast Track Your NEET Preparation?

NEET 2021 exam date

NTA, at last, announced the NEET 2021 exam date. NEET exam will be held on September 12th. So, now the obvious question in every student’s mind is how to utilize the remaining time to prepare for the exam effectively.

Key points to remember before starting the final preparation

The preparation phase before the exam date is crucial. Because you have less time and your anxiety level goes up. In order to make use of this time to your advantage, you must follow the below points.

  • You should revise all chapters in a structured manner. Unorganized preparation confuses you and has a negative impact.
  • Focus on your week areas by spending more time. At the same time, do not ignore your strong areas too. You should give some time to revise your strong chapters also.
  • Attempt as many small tests as possible so that you will know where you are lagging behind.
  • One month before the exam, take a minimum of one mock test per week so that you will accustom to three hours of timing. If you sit for a mock test at the same time as the actual exam date, that will be better. For example, if the exam is scheduled from 9 am to 12 pm, you should take your mock test at this time. This makes you accustomed to the timing of the day mentally and physically.

4 Step Score Booster – 7week Revision plan

Considering all the points described above, NEETshala designed a unique program for the students. Let’s see how this program works and how you will benefit from it.

What is 4 Step Score Booster?

4 Step Score Booster is a structured and guided preparation program for the NEET exam. it helps students in preparing more in lesser time. The preparation takes place in 4 steps or layers so is the name ‘4 Step Score Booster’. There is already an article describing in detail how this guided learning works. Click here to go to that article.

The below image will give you an idea how the 4 Step Score Booster works.

NEETshala's 4 Step Score Booster

Why the word ‘discipline’ in the new 4 Step Score Booster?

As the NEET exam date is September 12, you should follow a strict study plan from now onwards. Otherwise, it will be difficult to score high in a highly competitive exam like NEET. It is a general tendency among students to start preparation with motivation but after a few weeks their enthusiasm gradually comes down. So, in order to overcome this kind of situation, the new 4 Step Score Booster implements discipline. Let’s see how it works.

  1. You can set your own start date for the first week. Once the start date is fixed, you cannot change it. So, think twice before saving the first week’s date.
  2. At the end of every week, you should take a weekly test to measure your progress.
  3. You cannot skip or pause a week. Remember every postponement costs you marks. So the option to pause a week was removed. You must follow the plan every week.
  4. Don’t worry if you cannot pause a week. You will get enough motivation to complete the syllabus on weekly basis. Join NEETshala’s telegram channel to get motivated.
  5. Finally, once you complete the weekly plan, you can take 2 full length mock tests.

Revision in Discipline manner is very important in NEET. So this plan inculcates the habit of discipline in your preparation. Click here to check the calendar of 4 Step Score Booster – 7Week Revision. Or click here to enroll.

NEETshala’s team is ready to help you in every aspect. So feel free to write to us or message us if you need more information or have any suggestions.

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